All Scenes Converge - EP

by Vague Process

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"All Scenes Converge" features the four best songs we've ever written, and after spending 8 long months writing, rewriting, scrapping four or five songs, starting again, recording, mixing, editing and designing artwork, we're putting it out 100% FREE.

For best results, sit down and listen to it, start to finish. We at Vague Process believe in the power of the 'classic' EP and LP formats, and so when choosing the tracks to record, and consequentially the sequencing, "All Scenes Converge" was designed as one continuous whole. It's the most cohesive (and yet varied) thing we've ever released, so go on... it's only 20 minutes.

We'd like to thank MAS Records and Base Studios for their support this last year, but most importantly everyone who's supported us, bought our first record, put us on at a gig, came to a gig; if you've supported us in any way possible, then we simply can't thank you enough, although we hope this EP will go a small way to doing that.



Cover artwork is adapted from "76" by Marius Roosendaal. © Marius Roosendaal 2011, all rights reserved. All reasonable efforts were taken to inform the owner of our intended, small-scale, not-for-profit usage of "76"; Vague Process are in no way attempting to imply ownership of this work.

Go and support him by checking his (absolutely wonderful) art out/buying prints at

All booklet photography (except band photos) by Emma Wilkins, © Emma Wilkins 2012

All photos of the band by Georgia Szygowska, © Georgia Szygowska 2012


released July 2, 2012

Vague Process are:
Callum Cunningham - vocals/bass
Will Teece - guitars/synth
Jack Bravo - guitars
Jon Mackay - drums

Tracks 1 & 2 - Recorded/produced/mixed by Chris Traverse at Temple Of Boom Studios, Stourbridge

Tracks 3 & 6 - Recorded/produced/mixed by Vague Process at Mackay Studios, Stourbridge

Track 4 - Recorded/produced/mixed by Tom Gittins of Monochrome Productions at Forge Studios, Warwick

Track 5 - Recorded/produced/mixed by Richard 'Woody' Wood at The Old Smithy, Worcester

All tracks mastered by Vague Process at Mackay Studios

Booklet design + art direction/web design by Will Teece



all rights reserved


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